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The valley of Shichem, click for the lager view!  The vineyard, click for the larger view!  The young olive vineyard, click for larger view  Click for larger view!  The water spring - swimming pool, Click for larger view!  Ancient walls on the Grizim mountain, Click for enlargement

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The latest news on -- Yom Sheni 27 Elul 5764  (Monday 13 september 2004)


Welcome to the website of "Grizim" (also called Gerizim) Tour"!

On the website you can find information about the Grizim area.

Feel free to explore the website.

We just started this website so in the near future more information will follow,

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Our goal

G.T.H. was founded in 1999 for building investments on mount "Grizim" by it's Biblical name. 

The company works in two main directions;

1 Agriculture, for taking our fathers land.

2 Tourism,      Spiritual Bible tours in the area of Sh'chem (Nablus)


1 G.T.H. offers a biblical tour with a guide, (if nessesary with a bulit proof vehicle), around mount grizim, a scenic sight on the city of Sh'chem (Nablus) Josef tumb.  A visit at the samaritan temple at the peak of mount Grizim.

2 You can take a biblical/spiritual tour in the valley of Sh'chem to elon more and mount Kabir (where Avraham received the promise for the land Israel) , or south to Shilo (where the mishkan stood for more then 350 years and S'muel has served Hashem)  and have a spiritual adventure and get involved with the hartland of Israel.

3 Combine the tour and work the Holy land to make the connection with Israel.  Working options in the right season's from march to october.  Working in the vineyard and/or olive vineyard.

4 Bed and breakfast, dining will be provided by G.T.H. in the dinerhal all day's a week, 3 meals a day for low pricesSpiritual Bible tours in the area of Sh'chem (Nablus)

5 Visit the Cold mineral water spring,  coming out of the mountain, covered with prunetrees.   The water is alway's the same tempeture.   Swimming after work and get refreshed again.

6 Diverse lectures,  cabout the "Thora" and Halacha.

7 Natural medical treatment ,  if needed is provided by profesionals in Jewish art of reflectology, Massage, Herbal treatment and treatment with Vine and olive oil




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